Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thailand Live -- Meet Kim & Jesse

She grew up eating organic foods and wearing rain boots in Seattle, Washington. He grew up soaking in the sun of Niceville, Florida. She is an interior designer, a graphic designer, and a gluten-free eater. He’s an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an adventurer. Eventually the two ended up in Utah for school and crossed paths on one fateful day.

What did they talk about? Traveling the world and photographing it. She had learned the  f-stop ropes from her hobby enthusiast family. He had started a successful photography business that included traveling to Ukraine to photograph for Courage to Hope -- a non-profit organization. She had spent all the time she could understanding and seeing the world first hand. So had he.

They wedded and haven’t stopped traveling yet.

What This Is About...

Two photographers and avid travelers headed 8,000 miles away want to bring those miles closer to you. We want to give you a Thailand experience -- from the people we meet, to the places we step foot in, to the things we encounter.

 How? A picture is worth a thousand words, right? We couldn’t agree more. With years of experience between the two of us, it’s not hard to say we see the world through a lens these days. Everywhere we turn is an opportunity for a stunning, thought-provoking photograph. With two cameras and more than enough memory cards, we’ll be capturing every moment of our experience in Thailand.

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